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Step by step , so we directly import your car.


FVK Engineering has many years of qualified knowledge of Direct import from Japan, Germany , United States and England. We offer our customers affordable prices .


The first step

Is your own vision , your dream of how you want your car to look like , what specifications it should take and what equipment . No vision is too big , you want an extremely tuned car built in Japan, we have the resources that they needed to get such a car ready and inspected Sweden . You decide !


Second step

Is to select an item that fits into your vision . Whether it's Japanese , American or German so we'll help you find the right items , depending on your preference. Our qualified knowledge within the industry and our network of contacts in Japan will help you get home right property. After we found the right property , we establish contact with the right supplier to place a bid on the car you want to import. If your bid is the winning bid , the car is yours. The supplier will arrange all the paperwork such as cancellation etc before delivery. The car gets a briefing by professionals to determine that the car is in the state auction in law says it is.


The third step

Are local delivery of the car to the port in question , meanwhile your car quietly shipped from the other side of the world in a sealed and secured container , we prepare everything handy as certificates, paperwork etc to registering your car will go as smoothly as possible , all to you 'll get to start enjoying your car as fast as possible. Your car is insured throughout the process.


Fourth step

Is that your car arrives at Gothenburg harbor where it is stored safely . We then collect the car and drive it directly to our workshop in Södertälje where service and overhaul of your car done . We want you to have to worry as little as possible on maintenance, and able to focus on enjoying your dream car.


Fifth step

Are we doing them measures needed before registration so that the conversion of lamps for Swedish roads , all for your continued inspections will go smoothly as possible.


Sixth Step

Is the delivery of the car , in some cases , we can deliver the car to your location on request. But it is also possible to pick up the car at FVC Engineering . Now it's only you set the limits : Do you want more out of your car? More power? Better road holding ? Your imagination is our limit . See below Modifications what we can do with your car.     Tel:+46 (0) 735955720      Orgnummer:556824-1367