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Imports of cars from Japan , England, Germany , America or other countries as needed. We help you with the entire process from concept to inspected and ready to drive a car in Sweden .


Original and aftermarket parts

With a wide network in Japan , we take home original parts or aftermarket parts for your Japanese performance car at affordable prices . We can even take home parts "regular" cars.


Car service

Performance car as every day use , we offer comprehensive services for all types of cars.



With years of experience and knowledge in the grooming so we can FVK Engineering offer everything from small modifications such as installation of relief valves to major surgery as turbo conversion or build you a complete banpreppad race car .



Competence area for processing various materials eg . aluminum, stainless steel , brass and bronze, with many years of experience in CNC turning, welding , milling , etc. .


We can also offer Powder Coating at affordable prices .